Learn how to identify a fake person

We lack fingers in our hands to count the number of false people who pass through our lives. For most people have already been victims at some point in the lives of these people who only come to us out of interest and cultivate a single, destructible feeling, envy. According to experts in relationships and personalities the false, selfish or envious are people frustrated personal, professional, intellectual, economic or even sexually. Here are some tips on how to identify a fake person and get away quickly:

A fake person can not talk looking into your eye for a long time, try to look down the sides, less in your eyes.
When you tell the news of a victory of yours she only greets you with a simple handshake, she never gives that broad smile sketching contentment about her victory.
Always doubt when you tell your personal or professional achievement and act aggressively.

Call you without stopping, leave several messages in your email or Orkut and always want to talk with an unusual stress.When you get something and she does not change behavior soon, and most of the time to please you and flatter yourself excessively.

Falsehood is considered a disturbance of character, hurting both others as well as itself, because monitoring with a psychologist is fundamental. But for this the person needs to be aware of their own problem and seek help