What is the role of the Guardianship Council

In schools we hear a lot about the Guardianship Council, but a lot of people are unaware of the true function or even of what this term is about, well let’s get a brief explanation. The Guardianship Council is a body responsible for supervising the fulfillment of the rights established by the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, the ECA. The Guardianship Council is made up of five Counselors who are duly chosen by the local community and thus serve a three-year term.

These Counselors are the persons responsible for asserting the rights of children and adolescents and provide adequate referrals for the resolution of problems related to them, but there are also other persons who are part of that body who assist such processes together with the Counselors. The cases that can and should be forwarded to the Guardianship Council are those cases of discrimination, exploitation, neglect, oppression, violence and cruelty that victimize children or adolescents.

As soon as they receive a report of violation of any right of a child or adolescents, the Guardianship Council as a whole is to follow the case properly, so as to define the best way to resolve the problem and return the individual the right to be able to use Of all that is provided by law, that is, in the Statute of the Child and Adolescent. If the requests are not fulfilled, the Guardianship Council also has the role of referring the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, so that all necessary legal measures are taken