What is the difference between love and passion?

We often stop to reflect on a relationship, whether what we are feeling is passion or really love. For many people say that these feelings are totally different, others prefer to affirm that they are complete, and there are still those who think that one is the result of the other.
Let us then know the difference between these two feelings so intense and wonderful, according to some concepts.

According to people who have lived intense relationships and had various experiences in the field of love, the passion is euphoria, sudden, madness, it is like a windstorm that arrives aggressively and destroys everything around them. It is a feeling that comes with more intensity and ends more quickly. Love is long lasting, it comes with calm, it grows in a progressive way, like a breeze.

While in passion there may be doubts and pain, in love there is health and certainty of feeling. In love people are accomplices, careful with each other, passion is totally self-centered and scandalous. Love is the fact of accepting the other person with their due faults, accepting that we are different from each other, and living well with these differences, since really what attracts a couple is what one has and the other does not.
No doubt that love is a more concrete, stable and lasting feeling, but passion also has its good points, and for us that is also very good to live a rapturous passion, and who knows she can not become a true love.