What to do when your child has difficulty concentrating

The lack of child concentration can be diagnosed as hyperactivity, ie it is a pathology in which the child has a lack of concentration in doing ordinary things like watching TV, doing school duties and other things, the child also tends to have a continuous movement And higher than expected for his age and also usually present impulsivity. More than 5% of the population of children between the ages of 3 and 16 years of age suffers from this problem. But in most cases the parent’s help is enough to calm the little ones, here are some tips on how to do it.

First of all the conversation is fundamental to any problem, it is of the utmost importance to listen to what your child has to say, to know your tastes and so you will know what is really making you restless. For attention is fundamental to children.

If the high school teacher complains about your child, never lower him to the other children. Listen to what the teacher has to say and solve the problem at home, with lots of talk and showing him his limits.

Taking the child to exercise is also a good thing, because when she stays home alone, she tends to accumulate more and more energy. So try to find a sport or a game that your child enjoys because we know that each one has its rules, this will help the child to stay more attentive and still spend much of his energy.

If the child can not stay for a long time watching TV, try to take the time to sit down with him and watch his favorite programs and drawings. Well, many times he’s just wanting some of your attention, there’s good reason for you to take a break and take some time to pay attention to your son.

All these are tips to calm the moods of your children in a simple way, but that makes a lot of difference. But even if the child is still too agitated, it is appropriate to seek the help of a specialist, so that he or she will indicate the correct treatment so that the child does not suffer future problems.