What is platonic love?

Platonic love is an expression widely used to indicate an ideal love, unrelated to interests. It is a kind of love that proceeds from a distance, people do not approach, do not touch and there is no involvement. The practice of platonic love happens on one side, in which one begins to see the other as a perfect being, possessor of all good things and qualities. Those who live the Platonic love start to distance themselves from reality, so begins to mix the real world with the dream, the fantasy.

It happens more often in adolescents and young people, especially with more introverted and shy people, since they feel a greater difficulty in approaching the other, the object of desire, either by inhibition, insecurity or immaturity.

In my view Platonic love satisfies to a certain point, since it is necessary for any human being to have a relation to two, in which both reveal thoughts, desires, conflicts and knowledge acquired through the relation with the other. I think that platonic love may be normal, but the physical encounter is very important to maintain a relationship, whatever it is, especially between man and woman