Teenage pregnancy

In the old days, the most natural thing in the world was for young people to get married early so that they could become families. That’s why when we took our grandparents’ album, many of them, at 16, were already married and had children.

Nowadays this is not quite the case, we have the option of being able to decide our future and do things that please us. But with this possibility of getting a little more space, what do we see? Several pregnant teenagers, who begins to park their dream to be able to dedicate themselves to their child. Teenage pregnancy causes the teenager to lose one of the most enjoyable phases of life, because she will have to dedicate herself to a child, and unfortunately, no matter how much her parents take care of the child, you will have certain responsibilities, certain urgencies, which will not be More yours first time, but your children.

Unfortunately we see children carrying other children, girls who have barely begun to understand the value of things of 14 years, pregnant. What is missing? Maybe it’s more instruction in the house. Often parents die of embarrassment about dealing with these issues with their daughters, which leads to what they learn in school, learn with friends the importance of using condoms, sometimes contraceptive methods are not used due to apprehension The parents do. What do we have to do? It is community work, where health watchers explain not only the concerned teenagers more to everyone they want to know, including parents who need more information to be able to educate their children, educating them sexually. Now, if you have all this talk at home, in school, and even in the media, several communication vehicles that help in understanding these, because many of them still appear pregnant? Boyfriend’s pressure.

Many pregnant girls when asked, say that their partner does not use a condom because it hurts because it arrests because it bothers them. The result comes 9 months after the act and lasts for a lifetime. If you really love someone, you will want to prevent it from all evil like illnesses, even an unwanted pregnancy. What counts is also the couple’s awareness of making everything work so that this moment of pleasure does not become a possible headache afterward. If you do not like condoms, seek advice from your gynecologist and learn about other contraceptive methods you can use, but none as safe as condoms.