Film Anjos da Lapa tells the trajectory of Marcelo D2

Anjos da Lapa is a film that will be directed by Johnny Araujo, the same one from “O Magnata” from 2007 and the script is by Nelson Motta and Patricia Andrade. Filming is slated to begin only in early 2010, but it already has some names in its cast. The film will tell the trajectory of the Rio de Janeiro rapper Marcelo D2 and who will play it will be the young actor Thiago Martins. He says he was already a fan of D2 before he even received the invitation and is now admiring him even more, says that he has been following the rapper’s presentations and talking to him a lot.

The film intends to show mainly the friendship between D2 and Skunk, the first vocalist of the band Planet Hemp, who died as a result of the HIV virus in 1994. In addition, it will also show the street carnival of Rio de Janeiro and the musical scene of Lapa. In addition to the actor Thiago Thiago Martins two other names have already been confirmed for the cast, singer Seu Jorge and João Miguel, from the long “Estômago” of 2007. Now just wait and see how the film will stay.