Understand some of the most used acronyms on the internet

The internet has become a working tool or even a way of relating to people to a lot of people. With this, sites and instant communicators like Orkut, MSN, Gtalk and others are widely used for such purposes. With this, the reality of the language used on the Internet has its own form, known today as “internet”, which is a more practical way of writing through acronyms and codes to save time when chatting with friends and write in a moento of hurry. But what many people think is that this is a language used exclusively by young people, which is a mistake, since people of all ages, from children, young people and even adults make use of this language of acronyms of the internet, for having A feature of agility and ease of writing.

But there are still a lot of people who have not adapted to the new language used on the internet, because whoever has never heard their mother, father or that aunt say, “My son, what is this that you just wrote to your friend? “, Because they do not understand the acronyms. So for those people who are not much into the language of the internet, look at some of the most commonly used acronyms and their meanings:

Fds = Weekend
Td = Is that okay?
LOL = abbreviation of the English expression Laughing out loud, that is, laughing loudly
Bj = Kiss
Ble = Beauty
These are some of the thousands of acronyms used on the internet to facilitate and streamline writing that must be done in an agile way