Fashion tips

Fashion tips
Who does not dream of always being fashionable? Whenever we turn on the television, we end up realizing that the trend is one and so, it is incorporated in our day to day. Fashion is a subject that keeps changing, and we have to keep an eye on it. Who does not have the opportunity to watch the parades, which release the trends of the models, colors, just watch the novels that always release the current fashion, since they take the same and brings to our reality and so, we are getting more and more More within it.

For this 2010 fashion, many things have changed. We can see that the trend is always retro, what our grandparents used, and that today, we use. The high-top pants have everything, they have come to stay and not talk when they leave, just like the cigarrete pants. Another pant that is beginning to be accepted more, in the masculine scene as in the feminine, are the pants Saruel style, with its variations, depending on the style of the person. Another thing that comes in women’s fashion are the socks pants, which are simply, a luxury only. The tip is that you always use, but be careful with the prints, for example, a shorter girl and cuddly can not wear the chess socks, which increase the person’s weight.

This year’s colors are purple, gray, white, black. But of course you can always give a special touch. Longer blouses, which usually show one shoulder, are always welcome, because it leaves you, woman, much more attractive and sensual. But know how to dress according to the environment, okay?

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