Essential Teen Book Tips

In the age of technology, many people, especially the younger ones like teenagers, think of nothing other than talking on cell phones, tinkering with computer programs, and listening to music on those increasingly sophisticated gadgets. So the habit of reading ends up being left behind, which is a huge mistake. For all people need to practice reading, especially adolescents who are in a period of transformations, discoveries and doubts. That’s why we’re going to list some essential teen books. Write down there and run to the library closest to you to get access to those great age-appropriate books.

Indication of the filmmaker Fernando Meirelles is for the book The Catcher in the Fields of Rye, de Jd. Salinger. It is a work that talks about feelings in adolescence, revolts, drinks, poetry and everything else that involves this world so complex. The author admits that he has read the book in school time and says it is a very remarkable reading that awakens in us the desire to read more and more.

According to the writer Moacyr Scliar a book that also can not miss on the shelf of a teenager is Captains of Sand, by Jorge Amado. Scliar says that it is a very touching story, which is divided between the innocence of childhood and the crudeness of the world of adults. This is another book that young people should read.
Another example of great literature for adolescents is Contos Novos, by Mario de Andrade. This is indicated by bibliophile José Mindlin. The author of this work presents us the improvement of modernism, preserving the expressiveness of the Brazilian language.

These are just a few of the diversity of books that young people and adolescents should read in order to improve their knowledge