Tips on food that makes tummy dry

If you’ve been following a diet for some time and you’ve already had a good weight loss, but that belly still insists on chasing you. Know that there are some foods that help to trim the unwanted tummy, see what they are: whole-wheat bread is one of them, because a survey conducted at Penn University in the United States, confirmed that people who included whole-wheat bread In their diets lost 24% more abdominal fat than those who did not use it.

Melon is another option for anyone who wants to get rid of the tummy because it is a fruit with very few calories, less than 50 calories per slice and rich in potassium, the mineral that keeps sodium regulated and destroys abdominal fat. And finally nuts, which contains omega-3 helping to lower levels of cortisol, stress hormone that helps in accumulating fat in the belly. So, go ahead with your diet and introduce these foods to help dry your tummy.