Know the benefits that cycling brings to your health

Cycling as many people do not know brings several health benefits not only for one person, but for the well being of a community at large. The World Health Organization (WHO) is already promoting a campaign that has been pushing people to use their bicycles as the main means of transportation for their day to day activities, as well as fighting sedentary lifestyle, it also helps reduce pollution from vehicles carriage. If you still prefer a car when riding a bike, then know some benefits that pedaling can bring to your health, and see if there are good reasons for you to change your car on a bicycle at least to go to work:

Forty minutes of pedaling burns about 300 calories, it still helps to strengthen the heart and lung. It helps regulate blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels. It works the muscles of the abdomen and also the muscles of the lower limbs, such as glutes, calves, quadriceps and lower back. To end the benefits chart, two months of regular bicycle exercise is able to increase leg strength by up to 25%.
So get your bike right now and save money and gain health.