Know the benefits of cassava and include it in your diet

Surely you must have a foot behind with cassava, because of its reputation for being caloric. Therefore, when he is in a regime, he remains a few meters away from this food. Find out that even with its high calorie rate of 125 calories per 100 grams due to its high amount of carbohydrates, cassava can be one of the greatest allies in its fight against the scales. That’s right, although it seems a contradiction to cassava can help you to lose weight by the following aspect, since it has a lot of fiber, the carbohydrates are transformed into energy very slowly. This quenches hunger and helps regulate the gut, drastically decreasing abdominal bloating. Another benefit that cassava offers is the sense of well-being, provided by some substances in the food.

In addition to being excellent in combating aging of the skin, studies have found that the root is a source of lycopene and beta-carotene, which are antioxidants that act in the fight against aging skin. But for those who want to use cassava as an ally in weight loss, they should use a few tricks, such as using cassava as a substitute for some food from the same group, such as rice, potatoes, bread or pasta. The way to prepare it also makes the difference when it comes to losing pounds. Consume the cooked root with a mild seasoning, as it is much healthier than fried and it is still tasty and much lighter.