Know the history of scarpin

If you have a piece that is part of every woman’s closet, or at least it should do is the classic scarpin. A medium or high heel closed female shoe, which has a shape that tapers towards the beak and is fundamental to value any look. The name scarpin comes from the Italian scarpino, is a reduced form of that word that means shoe. As in fashion everything returns periodically, it brought back to the feet of women this classic that was popularized in the year 1947 by Christian Dior, who at the time wanted to introduce a new fashion for the girls, who were living the end of the wars and the rationing of Want to be more glamorous and feminine. And over time, they were still there, renovated, with other faces, fabrics of various colors, but never left fashion.

The scarpin today, as in the 60’s matches all styles, it does not matter if the woman makes the style patricinha, rebellious, stripped or hardworking. Everything is only due to the good sense of combining the scarpin with the right piece for each occasion, for the job, for example, wear them with skirts or tailleur always combining it with pantyhose. The interesting thing about scarpin is that you can put together a jovial and sophisticated look every day, depending on the situation. A few tips: if you want to be rebellious use jeans, jerseys and scarpin. Already if you need a chic look go of jeans, blouse, cardigan and scarpin. If you are planning to create a modern look, use a satin shorts, 40 thread stockings, a white shirt and the infallible scarpin.

Already for those who want to create a stripped-down look the tip is to go skinny, blouse and scarpin. The secret lies in the irreverence of the shoes, just changing a few pieces to have several different looks with the use of scarpin, the shoe that is in the history of women’s fashion.