Como escolher o celular ideal

At every festive season, every holiday and every special date comes the tempting promotions of the big cellphone service providers. Yes: do not be surprised if you ever feel like changing your phone even if it takes less than six months to use!

Today’s technology is moving very fast and one of the areas with the most innovations and technological upgrades is the telecommunications area, more specifically in the field of mobile handsets. These innovations, while fascinating, leave us a bit confused.
The initial goal of the cell phone was simple mobile communication between people. Nowadays there are so many technologies that there are devices capable of transmitting television signal and function as a GPS.
Then the question arises in your head. Which Cell Phone Should I Buy?

Faced with so many options we have, it becomes a challenge to choose the “best” device. So, make an analysis of your profile and your expectations.
If you are a person who does not care for many extra features and wants to have just the basics, but you want to do it in a great way, “talking” cell phones are the right cell phone profile for you. It costs on average from $ 99 to $ 199.

But if you are the type of person who likes to be always connected in the world of technology, who does not like to stay out, but also can not (or do not want to) spend too much. “Fun, But Modest” cell phones are a great choice for you. Stylish, beautiful and with lots of fun features, this cell phone profile is very interesting, has a great cost / benefit and is constantly updated. Currently we find phones of this profile with prices ranging from $ 249 to $ 499.

Now if you are one of those who do not give up the sophistication and features that the market offers. Prefer a cell phone that is not enough to just talk and send messages. And he likes cellphones as a mobile entertainment center. The “Sofisticados” Cell Phones is the best choice for you. Without a doubt the cell phones of this profile are the best option for those who have more money to spend with a device, but that does not dispense a good quality in the phone features. We can say that it is almost impossible for you not to fully satisfy your desires of consumption with a cellphone of that profile, provided, of course, it is well chosen. Cell phones with this profile range from R $ 499 to R $ 1,499.