Eating an apple before dinner can help you lose weight

Are you tired of following diets that claim to work miracles and not lose weight, go hungry, eat things you do not like and see nothing? This is a simple and rather sexy tip, but it promises to have an effect. Eat a small apple before dinner, and with that simple act you can lose weight. This was proven through a US survey of 346 people who ate an apple before the last meal of the day, do you know what they got? Slim eight pounds in three months, and do you know why this happens? Simply because of the five grams of fiber found on average in each unit of apple makes us satiate faster, so we eat less.
So it is very simple to eat an apple, and it is difficult to find people who do not like this food, it is worth trying and it is also a fruit that brings many benefits to the body, for example, helps eliminate the toxins present in our body.