Dating hidden our feeling

Formerly dating was at most at the gate of house under the eyes of vigilant parents and younger siblings, everything was more difficult for passionate couples who often separated because of the stones put in the path of lovers. But today this is totally different, in most families who often prefer that

Nilmar is married or single

Nilmar Honorato da Silva, a Brazilian footballer born on July 14, 1984, currently plays in a team from Spain, Villareal, is attracting the attention of the woman who insists on whether the player is or is not married. Sorry girls, Nilmar is yes married, his wife is Laura and she is a girl

Symptoms of Sick Jealousy

Each and every human being feels jealous, whether normal or not, but for some people jealousy can become compulsive and it will be up to the other to admit it or not in the relationship. There are species of jealousy being more contained, sometimes aggressive, of those in which the jealous person starts to fight in the street for someone to look at

Love quotes for boyfriend

Is your relationship bad? They only live by disagreeing, fighting or discussing the famous “DR”. So why not change it? Give a climate in the relationship strive more, show to person who really loves you, how? Simple, love phrases! A Letter, a ticket with flowers, a testimonial on Orkut, an MSN Nick,

Hidden flirt is sin

Dating is one of the most practiced verbs in recent times by people of any age anywhere in the world, of course each in its own way. Each family has a way of thinking about the age at which their children should begin to have a relationship with another person, for many people at the time

Ending dating by liking

We know someone who has many similar opinions, someone who begins to think as we think one day, someone who starts looking and analyzing horizons, makes us feel invincible, someone who thinks before bed and is The first thought of the day. We begin to see that

Thoughts of lost love

To love is the verb we do most in our lives, right? We love a person and unintentionally get lost for it, whenever we feel like thousands of butterflies invade our stomach we think of the famous idea of ​​’happily ever after’, the only problem is that often this ‘forever’ without

Relationship in crisis

Relationships are not always easy, are not they? Meet another person, with very different thoughts, little similar, as you prefer. But if you have love and affection, it can be easily dribbled. There are always dating that over time are in crisis, because when you relate to a person, much more

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Birthday friend

It’s not every day that our friends make their birthday, is not it? And over the years, in addition to many laughs that we gave with them, we passed several perrengues, several confusions, we got rid of each one and we also get rid of them. Because that’s what friends do, they help us always,

Letters of love for husband

We see couples of old people always together, with great companionship, a great complicity and we have to imagine that they went through all the bushes of any relationship, including fights and derivatives, that love in the end is still stronger. And suddenly you stop and start to analyze your relationship,

Romantic MSN Conversations

We live in a world where technology has to be present all our days and doing it in an unshakable way. Wherever you look, you can see a computer and connect to the internet, it can make your life just take a 360-degree turn. Today in

Romantic letters for boyfriend

When we meet someone and feel that our heart goes way beyond that person, we begin to make several plans, and think about great possibilities and see that a serious relationship is the key to the two of you being happy together, that’s how it is That many dates begin. And when we are dating

Seduction Tips to Conquer a Man

Who does not want to seduce a man these days? It is a somewhat difficult subject to be worked on, especially because when we speak of the male, everything we think is right ends up taking a turn and making a much bigger sense. Men have to be conquered just like women

Online dating works

The internet is one of the best human inventions these days, because it allows you to make many discoveries, go around the world in just one click, get access to several sites and meet several people, so much so that the distance dating is Made a thing meaningless, quite possible of the days

Love relationship in crisis

Dating is one of the most delightful things we have in our lives, finding someone nice that makes our life a little more sense is what we all seek to be someone happy that is with a person who gives you a certain way you complete in Everything in this life. However, for more

Family relationship between parents and children

As we know, the human being is a rational animal that is incapable of living alone, needs to always be in flock, be with his fellows so he can survive and thus develop his technical skills for it. The first circle of people we live in and for that matter the most important is our family. Let’s say

Conquer the loved one

Conquering is the word we have in our vocabulary since we first met by people. It is a natural gift, so to speak, we know how to do even if no one has taught us. Conquering a person we love is one of the things we most enjoy doing, it is as if we are complete with it,

Family relationship in adolescence

Who does not go through difficulties with their relatives? Usually fights are always with parents and children. This is because parents think they know what is always best for their children and they think their parents do not know anything. Parents have by nature that protective instinct, that intention of

Love messages for boyfriend

Who does not feel that when they love someone, the world just seems to stop? No matter how hard we think it is, it does not make sense to keep that feeling to ourselves, the cool thing is for you to show everyone how fun the relationship between you two is, to the point where several statements are made. The relationship

Seduction and kissing tips

Who does not like a good kiss? Do you know those who stay minutes and minutes just feeling the taste of it and do not get tired? Kissing is one of the most secular arts in the world. It’s the way we get to know someone more intimately,

Open Meaning

Who does not know that getting involved with a person these days is one of the most normal things in the world? From the earliest times, men and women have come to know each other in order to reach out and build their own families. However, as everything in this life gains new versions that

Unrequited love

Who has never heard of Platonic passion? At the time when romanticism prevailed, platonic love was one of the most talked about factors. When the troubadours performed their songs for women they could never possess. They were usually married, and when they were not married, they had a financial footing, much more purchasing power

MSN Seduction Tips

As we can see, we spend our lives behind someone who simply does us good. Formerly we had as our future, who our parents chose for us, today we can choose for ourselves, besides we can search through one of the most useful tools these days, the internet. Many

Seduction Tips for Men

If we had a request to make some genie of the lamp, surely it would be to unveil the secrets hidden between men and women. That eternal war of the sexes, and all the vanities included behind it. However, we do not have a lamp, much less a genius, and for such, much less a request to be realized.

Virtual Dating Can Work Out

Since the eighteenth century when England made the industrial revolution, our world simply does not stop growing. If we count, the third revolution was just that of communication and that brought enormous advantages that we enjoy until today, but with great improvements. The internet and the computer are great
I finish letter dating

We begin a courtship and gradually we are feeling its transformations. At first everything is beautiful, we learn to live with the person, and realizing their reactions, but over time many of the defects are startled. Those who date have to take a huge turn in the routine, in the discussions, in the repentance, in the negligence that many

I finish dating what to do

Hardly find a person who has never had a boyfriend in life. When we are with a person we love, we come to pay more and more attention to our surroundings and with this we are feeling one of the most special people of all. But when that relationship fails and we feel our desires and desires suppressed, we begin

Messages for love girlfriend

Nothing better than getting involved with someone and feeling like one of the most special people in the world is not it? When you love you, it seems that everything has meaning in your life, and that makes us start paying more attention to our surroundings. The songs we listen to always send us

Gift for creative boyfriend

Who does not like to please their boyfriend? When we live a loving relationship, the feeling that dictates our hearts is love, good will. And by this feeling we are led and motivated to do everything to make the person who is with us happier.
Professional relationship

We live in a completely capitalist world and that makes all the difference. We know that a job is essential so that we can have high chances of ascension, chances that we often do not find in the day to day. One of the most important things for those who work is the relationship we create with the people who work with us,

Relationship status:

Of all the relationships between men and women, perhaps the one that is more difficult to understand is the love relationship. This is because the human being is not perfect, even if we try to hide our imperfections for several years, the details always show up and the relationships fall apart. Not to mention that in this type of

Complicated love relationships

You know when you’re in the biggest “gas,” running to find that person who is super important to you because there is something to tell and it can not be over the phone it has to be in person, with all the details. Suddenly it comes on time, and you tell everything tim by tim and in a sonorous interruption she looks

Songs that speak of emotions

Who does not like to listen to a good song every time they’re in love? It’s one of the best things in life to feel this feeling, and it’s even better if it comes with that soundtrack that makes us just stop everything and think about what we are living. Love

Orkut Communities

We live in a world where the internet makes our life, something much more than incredible. We can kill anyone’s longing, seeing her through the WebCam, for example, or writing to her, to find out what’s new, and even more, seeing her new photos to see how her growth is going, what’s happening

True friendship

Who does not know that we can not live alone? Many people think they are enough, but whenever they have a problem, they end up resorting to someone, crying, laughing, and causing that person, somehow, to take that pain away. Friendship is a brother that life gives us, and as such, we have

Apps by Orkut

Orkut as everyone knows is the communication network that most covers people from all over the world. It is a kind of drug that vitiates people in it and does not leave very easily. As soon as you arrive at your house, what you have to do is enter the internet so that you can see

What is platonic love really?

It is common to come across various expressions and popular sayings where we pass one of the most common and certainly more said, is “platonic love,” but what would be the meaning of this expression so widely spoken by the outside world? Well, a question that reigns in the minds of many people, but few can decipher

Tips to please your boyfriend

If there is a person in the world we live in who does not like the attention, love and affection that throws the first stone. Since the world is a world, and a relationship is based on love, the will to please the loved one is an indispensable fact in the lives of lovers, whether with a simple

Valentine’s Day gifts

Who does not like dating? It’s one of the hottest things in our whole life, because we do it and we like it done to us. When we find a person who really makes our world stop, we begin to see how everything can be eternally relative, how these things can make you have

How to make love letters?

Who does not like to talk whenever they love a certain person? When we feel this feeling more, we want other people to know that even those who pass by on the street feel that you are overflowing with love for that person, and that these people know, but that to whom this feeling is destined, know mainly.

Luck in love

Luck in the game, bad luck in love. And so vice versa, is not that the popular saying? Many people would give up easy hand of luck in the game to be able to have a right foot in the relationship. Luck in love depends much more on what you will want and how you will move into it
Mother’s Day gift list

Every year they have mothers’ days, which is a day we take to thank the other 364 days she gives us in return. On that day, we went out to the shops to buy the gift that will make her understand at least a little, all the admiration we have for her.

Best electronic songs

Who does not like to have a party and put on some good music so that they can cheer up the rest of the people? Ah, one thing is quite true, party without a good song is not party. The favorites to please everyone are the electronics, PSY, dance, trance. However, not only do these make the

Learn to talk to your girlfriend.

Communication within a relationship is one of the hardest things to do, especially when within a relationship, people are completely different, they think in a completely different way from the other. Result: what was meant to be able to be said through simple conversation, ends up taking great proportions, and the final result, is a

Like having friends on orkut

We live in a world where the internet can work miracles in our lives, and by doing those things, we can get around situations, know a little more of everything we want, make friends, find love. But we can not be so dependent on it that we do not know what to do outside. That’s why we always keep in touch with

How to forgive a betrayal?

Betrayal is one of the most controversial issues we must address within what we feel. When we love someone, we want to have that person unconditionally, and it hurts a lot to know that, by chance, she did not return that feeling, which she treated with disregard, and even another mouth kissed. It is very relative everything

Learn to impose on the work environment

Who does not like to be respected in the workplace? As we live in a world where everything can be very important, where to be what we are, we have to have a job, a family, and we have to be respected for the role we play in that job, inside that house. When we want to progress

How to hold your boyfriend

Dating is one of the most enjoyable things we have in our lives, and it always happens in a gradual way, we start in a friendship, we start a dating, which if well cultivated, can result in marriage. But it’s not all the people who make your courtship a paradise. There are cases where it ends before even

What is

We live in a world where the internet is something that makes a difference in each person’s life, making it virtually impossible for you to enter a house, not find it there. One of the news quite busy of the moment, is the microblog, What is it? What does it consist of? Simple, is a tool