Internet search sites

Nowadays there are many Internet search engines, but my favorite and preferred of many people is Google, besides you find everything you need, also has the language tool, which is very useful, being possible to listen to the pronunciation Of words. In Brazil the two most searched

Web messenger ebuddy online

If you have a computer that has lots of games and you do not have much memory or need to talk to a friend or family member and you’re in a hurry, do not panic! There is a great program that makes it easy for you and the lives of many people. Have you heard of eBuddy? Never? Then we will

Touch screen mobile game sites

With the great use of Touch Screen technology, the great market for mobile games and various technologies with iPhone, mp7, is growing every day. These types of games use one of the most accessed technologies in the world, the so-called Touch Screen, which can be translated as “touch screen.” In this case, for us users

Apps by orkut add

Orkut is a great site of relationship known worldwide, this we all already know, being that more than 50% of users of Orkut, are Brazilian. Orkut is already a phenomenon since its great creation in the year 2004, from that, many changes were generated both in the cultural part as in the form of

Free Online Courses

Who does not like to do new courses, about fashion, cooking, computers, drawings, among others much sought lately. On some sites you have the great advantage of taking these courses in your own home at the best times, filling the time with a course that will be very good, just choose one you like
Hotmail email create account

Hotmail is one of the most well-known companies worldwide because it makes many people’s lives easier because of Windows Live Messenger, a Chat to talk to friends and relatives. As Hotmail is facilitated with the free email system, you need to click on the “sign up” button, choose your desired e-mail address, make sure you do not

The virtual world life on the internet

We are facing a totally virtualized world in which people do not talk to each other unless it is through social networks. A fantasy world in which countless people idealize, imagine things and create them on the internet. But perhaps it has never occurred to us that this “virtual” or imaginary world is also the scene of many

Capricho online magazine

A Capricho online magazine is a magazine that talks about fashion these days and many of them take care of their vanity because of the fad tips magazine fad. Many famous singers appear in this magazine, so the whim opens shows with young bands and known by all the galera, also emerging

Online Portuguese dictionary

Is it written with X or SS? I’m c? Do I put CH or X? These are the most frequent questions we have to write any words whatsoever. Portuguese is the most difficult language we have in the world, it is practically impossible for an outsider to learn to speak our language to perfection,