Learn to detect health problems by nails

Contrary to what we are accustomed to (na) the nails are not only used to pass enamel or let grow because they look beautiful, they help our health. It is possible to detect if there are health problems through the nails. For example, when you have surgery or even women at the time of delivery, doctors ask you not to have your nails glazed. For through them, it is possible to know even if there were changes in the patient’s pressure or even a lot of blood loss, some ill health, among others. Did you know that nail changes like color, peeling and even a change in the shape of the nails are small factors that can indicate from a small ringworm to a serious heart problem? So read on and learn how to decipher yourself as your health is.
Nail health problems

Nails. Nails are composed of keratin. A substance can also be found in our hair and made of several layers of nail plate, nail bed, nail matrix, lunula and finally Cuticle. A healthy nail has a transparent, smooth, and smooth appearance, always glued to the bed and showing continuous growth. The fingernails take an average of five to six months to grow from the base to the tip. But this can vary from person to person due to some characteristics related to age, race, climate, among others.

How to detect health problems by nails

Wavy nails.

Nails with curls: For women who use nail polishes these curls become apparent even if they use more than one layer of enamel on the surface of the affected nail. But these types of nail changes can indicate health problems such as trauma at the time of cuticle removal. And even more serious, it can indicate health problems like anemia, also some problem in heart or lung health.
Yellowish nails: Yellowish or yellowish nails are health problems that are more common in people who smoke, but may also indicate continued use or excessive intake of this type of medicine. They can also indicate health problems like diabetes, mycoses, liver problems.

Purple nails.

Purple nails: These can indicate health problems, such as mycoses, tumors, heart problems, lupus, erythematosus, among others. The use of medicines used to correct clotting defects (coagulants).

Nails with white spots.

White spots: may indicate health problems like lack of protein with zinc, allergies to chemicals such as enamel, soap, detergent, creams. Dermatitis problems such as ringworm, intoxication by some heavy metals, kidney failure, and even anemia.

Swollen, reddish nails.

Swollen, sore nails: Usually the type of nail change shows greenish spots or a type of redness, pain that expands around the fingers, can indicate health problems, such as bacterial infections and some mycosis.
One part of the nail white and the other reddish: May indicate some kidney problems in the health, like nephritis, urinary infection, calculation or renal insufficiency, among others.
Weak, flaky nails: Lack of proteins like calcium, zinc, and vitamins E, B, and A that help in nail composition because of the lack of these nutrients can cause the nails to weaken and become brittle and dry. These symptoms can also indicate health problems such as anemia and hypothyroidism.

Nails with dark spots.

Dark nails: nails with black bands that stretch from the base to the tip may mean hormonal dysfunctions such as hypothyroidism, mycoses, melanoma, which is better known as skin cancer. Also some kind of problem in the nail matrix as already said above a substance that is responsible for the production of melanin.

In some popular Brazilian beliefs, people say that these white spots on the nail root are good things to come, others, that every lie you tell is a stain that appears, not to mention that there are people who claim to be present at win. What these people do not know is that these whitish spots only arise due to a few small nail beats, which cause a minor injury to the nail matrix that is responsible for the production of keratin on the nails. Other changes related to the appearance of the nails, such as color, surface and growth can mean internal health problems.