The culture of Italy

The culture of ItalyLearn more about the culture of Italy and be surprised by what this country has contributed and provided us with in the arts, music and cuisine.
Italy is famous for its rich culture with arts and its grand historical monuments like the Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum of Rome. The cities of Italy are very elegant and receive a diversity of tourists every year. Venice, Milan, Rome and Florence are some of the most popular tourist destinations. Its cuisine is appreciated worldwide and contains almost irresistible aromas and flavors like the famous pizza, pasta, gnocchi, risottos, always accompanied by a good wine, handpicked to match the dish offered.

The elegance of this people is undeniable, its culture that along with the British and French are very rich. Several characteristics mark the culture of the country leading to the desire of many people from all around the world to know, if you were interested in knowing a little more about this culture we will show some to you.

Culture of Italy dance
Italian dance.The music and dance of Italy is well known, with great singers like Claudio Monteverdi, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina among others that marked an era. The most traditional dance that is heard worldwide is called Tarantella a classical dance from southern Italy and gained international prestige. This dance originated from the name of a poisonous spider called the tarantula, it was believed that the venom of the spider caused convulsion, and makes some sense with the music that when danced the person seemed to have been stung. The culture of the Italian people is quite vast and worth knowing.
Culture of Italy Arts

MonalisaNas arts various names can be highlighted in this culture as: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tommaso Geraci, Maquivel, great name of Italian poetry. Opera is the musical genre of much appreciation, it is practically the cradle of Italian civilization. Italy has become quite important in the arts and is a reference of artistic productions and movements. Under the influence of modern and contemporary art, culture and artists began to follow interesting paths with more independent artists that made the culture of Italy even more interesting.
Culture of Italy Cuisine

Italian cuisine. Over the centuries the culinary culture of Italy has been developing and today is well known for its numerous and tasty Italian dishes recognized worldwide. Among the best known dishes are Risotto, Carpaccio, Bruschetta, Pizza, Gnocchi, Spaghetti, Lasagna among others. There are many tasty dishes that we could meet through this wonderful Italian culture, if you have had mouth water try it at home.

The culture of Italy is rich in many aspects and we gain a lot from it through this culture we know, admire and taste dishes, music and art of people who are now part of the history of humanity, so it is worth knowing this beautiful country.